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  • Who We Are

    Global Initiative for Better Health (GIBH), Inc. is a non-profit founded with a mission to improve maternal and newborn health in Sub-Saharan Africa through improving quality of care in health facilities. GIBH is in the process of launching its first quality improvement project at Gandhi Memorial Hospital (GMH), a referral public hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that is solely dedicated to serving high risk pregnant women and their newborns. GIBH is committed to creating a sustained and deep engagement while emphasizing local ownership.  GIBH’s goal is to gradually transform GMH into a center of excellence in maternal and newborn health. Its long-term goal is to use the experience gained from this project to help improve quality of care in other hospitals in Ethiopia and other Sub-Saharan African countries.


    GIBH will partner with local and global government and non-government agencies, and bilateral and multilateral institutions to advance its mission. Currently, GIBH is in the process of implementing  health care projects in Ethiopia. 

  • Our Vision

    GIBH envisions healthy children, mothers, families and vibrant communities that are less hindered by health problems and who are actively engaged in pursuit of their wellbeing and betterment.

  • Our Mission

    To improve the health of women, children, families and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa through crafting educational and training projects for health service professionals, hospital quality improvement and public health initiatives, and providing medical care and conducting medical missions.

  • Our Core Values

    • Compassion: we have respect for the dignity of those we serve and strive to meet their needs to the  best of our ability.
    • Respect: we value all individuals and partners and treat them with dignity and respect
    • Excellence: we pride ourselves on being able to deliver on our goals and be the best at what we do
    • Integrity: we pledge to conduct ourselves with the highest moral and ethical standards
    • Accountability: we hold ourselves to the values and principles we espouse
    • Transparency: we keep our work and finances publicly accessible for review
  • Core Principles Guiding Strategy

    • Safe and timely care: eliminate delays in care provision through process mapping
    • Patient centered and equitable care: respect and treat patients equally
    • Effective care: support evidence based medical decision making and management
    • Efficient care: encourage judicious use of limited resources
    • Sustainability: strive to ensure our work leads to empowerment of our partners for enduring change
    • Build quality health management capacity: motivate and engage providers for a quality care culture

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